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Anatomy of Crime ~ Television

Pat H. Broeske served as a segment producer / associate producer / senior researcher on this weekly, one-hour documentary series from Langley Productions (the creators of “COPS”). Via exclusive footage, expert commentary and personal interviews, the show examines the world of crime and punishment through the eyes of those in the trenches: victims, police officers, lawyers, the criminals themselves, and more. First aired in 2000-2001 on Court TV and later, truTV.

Video Justice ~ Television

Pat H. Broeske was a segment producer / field producer / writer on this half-hour documentary series from Langley Productions (of “COPS” fame) that highlights how video has has become a vital tool in the hands of law enforcement in the pursuit of justice. The episodes first aired in 2006-2007 on Court TV and later, truTV.

Who Killed ‘The Black Dahlia’? ~ Articles

The Globe, September 11, 2006

The story remains a haunting whodunit, with a compelling cast of characters including: a handsome gangster, a legendary filmmaker, several Los Angeles physicians and a transient with a criminal past. The Dahlia case has been called America’s Jack the Ripper… So, who murdered the Dahlia? Here are some of the shocking scenarios.