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“One small step for man” & a Hollywood backtrack

“First Man,” the biopic about astronaut Neil Armstrong – the first man to walk on the moon – won’t be out until October. But in pre-release interviews, director Damien Chazell and star Ryan Gosling sound as though they made a fantasy instead of a fact-based film. See, the movie purposely doesn’t include the iconic event in which Armstrong planted an American flag on the lunar surface.

On my Facebook page, you can read about Hollywood’s love of tampering with history – especially when the filmmakers are uneasy about certain subjects. As with “Walk the Line,” the Johnny Cash movie that all-but dodged the singer’s sincere Christian beliefs!

Check out my post and see if you agree. Or maybe you’ll want me to catch the first flight outta town … in that case, I’m opting for a ticket to the moon. Where that flag might still be waving!