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News Flash
June 10, 2013

Catching up with the Bluths

If you’re currently catching up with the zany Bluths of “Arrested Development” via Netflix, you might wanna check out the May issue of Orange Coast magazine. I did a Snapshot interview with series creator Mitch Hurwitz. Hurwitz, who hails from O.C., reveals what it was like to return to the cult series—and how the Bluths are like wild boars! (Curious? Then read the piece!) On, there are additional quotes posted.

May 16, 2013

Don’t do me any favors, Sly!

During a recent appearance on David Letterman, while discussing his action film exploits, Sylvester Stallone mentioned yours truly by name, recounting the time he took me for a helicopter ride so harrowing that, “when [Pat] got aboard, she weighed, like, 250 pounds—but she came off the copter ‘a dwarf’!” Great story. However, there was never any such escapade! When I was in Israel on the set of Rambo III, Stallone wanted to take me up, but the producer nixed the idea. Also, for the record, my ‘80s-era bod was a size 10! (I’m not sayin’ nothin’ about today …) As for being a “dwarf” … I do admit to being height-challenged.